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Test Post 2

Was trying to attempt to post from iPad but the text box doesn’t agree with my iPad😦

So more playing around with how WordPress works.

Here are a few pictures of a horse that stayed at Green Lake at my dad’s place.


Some pictures of the Llamas.

Meet Mr. Bill.

The field mouse that we found in the house. We caught and released it back into its environment🙂


My baby boy (African Pygmy Goat).

My baby girl Lucy. She has lost over 5 pounds in the last year or so🙂. She started at 16.8 pounds and is now at 11.4 pounds. The vet clinic calls her Super Weight-Loss Kitty!


That’s enough playing for me for today. Time for bed for this gal.


First Blog Post

this is my first post

I like bold

I like italics

I like strike through



this is a caption


  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
  1. list
  2. more list
  3. listing

underline this

this is a quote

I want this formatted, no I don’t

read more here but not here

photo by xyz

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